Danny Petersen and family have been in music ministry for over 40years. He received his

spiritual grounding in the AFM Church Ravensmead Cape Town South Africa where he

served on the Church board for many years and was part of the music department in various

leadership roles. His father Elder Danie Petersen has been the Musical Director for more

than 50 years.

The Petersen family travels extensively internationally to minister in music and preach/share

their testimony at various churches and meet world church leaders such as Pastor Tim

Storey- Congregation church Los Angeles, Bishop Charles E Blake – West Angeles Church

of Christ LA, Bishop Clarence McClendon LA, etc.

Danny and his wife Antoinette have been married for 23 years. Their first 7 years were very

challenging - they lost four children through miscarriages. Apostle Reggie Wilson – New

Orleans, USA were introduced to the family. After an evening of fellowship Apostle Reggie

prophesied that God would bless them with destiny change children.

As an invited guest of Reverend Frank Chikane the Petersen family ministered at the

Empowered 21 Conference 2018 in South Africa. Danny has recorded with Bill, Gloria

Gaither and the Homecoming Friends on “Love can turn the world” and Israel Houghton

and New Breed Album “Alive in South Africa” this album won Danny a Grammy Award at

the 49 th Annual Grammy Ceremony.

 As a family the Petersen minister on variety of topics:

         Stewardship and responsibility of a worshiper;

         Raising and guiding your son/daughter to fulfil his/her Kingdom purpose.

         Stewardship and responsible parenting of a gifted child/children.

         The role of a Christian father and mother in today’s challenging world

         Maintaining a balance between your roles as a woman i.e. Mothers, Career,

Spiritual, Lifestyle, Time Management, Relationships, Mothering a gifted Child etc

         Stewardship of your gifting inside and outside of Church.

         The role of Worship in Church

In closing, Danny and his wife was part of an executive leadership team responsible to

facilitate the smooth transition of Political power between the ANC and the DA in

Johannesburg in 2016 successfully. They were called upon to lay the foundation for the

Opening of the Mine Health and Safety Council (MHSC) Bi-Annual Summit, by facilitating

open, but peaceful, communication platforms throughout the summit (the previous Bi-

Annual summit was walk-out) Which we achieved, through the Grace of God with great


The Petersen family is ready and willing to minister at your church, conferences, community

and events. Please feel free reach out to us via email:




+27 84 581 2621

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