Daniel Petersen II

Team builder / Business Motivator for Corporations Community projects:  
Grammy Award winning Artist / 44thPresident Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient



The Professional Musician & Entrepreneur: 

Grammy Award Winning Artist - Danny Petersen has twenty six years experience as a drummer and specialises in the following areas: 

1. Team building / Business Motivator for Corporations 

2. Tourist drumming 

3. Interactive Djembe Drum circles at private parties weddings etc 

4. Introduction of speaker in the African way 

5. Part of the management and development of his gifted 15 year old prodigy son Daniel Petersen 111 – Danno who is also a the recipient of the 44thPresident Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award and youngest University student since age 11.

The Team builder/Motivational Speaker and Award winning Artist:

Danny has extensive experience (of which a high level summary is set out below) as Teambuilding facilitator/ Business Motivator and International Speaker, utilising African Djembe drums. 

  • Danny and Antoinette – Occupational Therapist and Brain Profile Expert was part of a Specialised Executive Team of facilitators for the City of Johannesburg to facilitate a smooth transition of power between the ANC and DA after the Governing party the ANC for the first time conceded power in 20 years since Apartheid at the City Managers Extended Executive Managerial Team EEMT Lekgotla and the New Mayor Herman Mashaba of Johannesburg Lekgotla. This was their toughest ever assignment getting two groups of opposite political views, winner and loser in one room to find a workable solution going forward. Danny and Antoinette were responsible for the team synergy, teambuilding and general wellbeing and mood of the two conferences at both 4 day events. 

  • Facilitated various interactive drumming sessions as a team-builder and teacher both nationally and internationally.

  • Danny’s largest interactive Djembe Drumming Session was 1 500 people in one room, facilitated alone (opening of DE BEERS new head office in Johannesburg).

  • Conducted interactive drumming sessions for the Learning to Lead Program hosted and developed by Colin Hall (former Chairman of the Wooltru Group of companies) 

  • Danny facilitated an interactive drumming workshop with 100 delegates of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) French speaking woman. A workshop hosted by Mrs Z Mbeki, (Woman in Dialogue).  The above conference was facilitated with the assistance of a French / English speaking interpreter. 

  • Facilitate a full day drumming session with 100 special delegates (women) of Burundi. A workshop hosted by Mrs Z Mbeki, (Woman in Dialogue). 

  • Both conferences played significant a part in the successful Signing of the Peace agreement of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

  • Danny orchestrated, choreographed and performed the opening sequence and the official welcome of the live DVD- recording of Israel Houghton and New Breedsconcert“Alive in South Africa” –  This album, in 2007, at the 49thAnnual Grammy Awards was awarded a GRAMMY AWARD – Category, Traditional Gospel Album

  • Conducted and interactive Djembe drumming session with Bill and Gloria Gaither and 50 international artists from the U.S.A, at the recording of their Live in South Africa Homecoming DVD.  Danny appears on the DVD as a special insert as well as featuring in a special supplement on the bonus tracks.

  • Danny conducted 450 internationals from 50 different countries at a conference for YWAM in Muizenberg. 

  • Preferred team builder for Springbok 7’s rugby team with Paul True –coach The South African team won the first ever Dubai and London 7’s tournament 

  • Paul True “Danny, you have done an amazing job with our team. Your session played an instrumental role in the unity of our team, thank you very much”.

  • Facilitate a drumming session for Franklin Covey International Conference.He was also asked to introduce Dr Stephan Coveyat his one day Conference at the Grand West Arena. 

  • Danny and his son Danno are the only two Non USA citizens to have ever received the Prestigious 44thPresident Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award. 

  • Danny was the tour manager and tasked with all logistics for Danno’s Motivational and Inspirational schools tour in LA, San Francisco and New Orleans. 2017. This tour saw Danno inspiring just over 15 000 young Americans to go for their dreams and work hard and stay discipline 

  • Danny on Percussion performed alongside his son Danno and the Batiste family at the opening the 2017 New Orleans Jazz Festival the main stage, opening up for Harry Connick Junior.

  • Another tough assignment was to facilitate a two day session for the MHSC - Mine Health and Safety Council of South Africa. The main task of the Council is to advise the Minister of Mineral Resources - South Africa on occupational health and safety legislation and research outcomes focused on improving and promoting occupational health and safety in South African mines. The Council also oversees the activities of its committees; promotes a culture of health and safety in the mining industry. Danny and Antoinette was tasked to facilitate and maintain a good and positive mood amongst all delegates from all stakeholders from mine bosses, unions, government etc. 



Please see recommendation letters below from 

- CEO of MHSC – Mr Dube 

- General Secretary of Solidarity Union - Mr Gideon De Plessis 


14 March 2017 

Testimonial for Danny Peterson 

I had the privilege to attend a drumming session and motivation talk hosted by Danny Peterson on 17 November 2016 at the annual Mine Health and Safety Council Summit. 

Danny had a unique challenge at the Summit, because there were more than a 1000 people in attendance, and secondly there were a lot of tension between the various mining stakeholders. Danny first got the delegates to get excited about the drumming session and there was full participation. After the first session, the atmosphere was a lot more relaxed and Danny immediately seized the opportunity to use his first motivational talk to focus on the importance of good relations and leadership. 

The norm in the mining industry was for parties to litigate against each other, but Danny set the scene at the Summit for high-level speakers and panel participants to engage in proper social dialogue. 

Danny read the atmosphere very well and as the drumming session was a perfect ice breaker, he used his sharp sense of humour and musical and motivational skills to get a strong message across. He managed to make people think of the tension that eventually results in mining fatalities; and that the role-players need to put their differences aside to save lives. 

I was also very impressed with Danny’s message regarding moral values and ethics. 

In discussions that I held with Danny after the summit, I realised that he has much more to offer due to his sound business acumen, marketing skills, understanding of organisational re-engineering, conflict resolution and mediation methods and cultural diversity and leadership development programs. 

Danny possesses unique and special qualities and I can recommend him with an open mind. 

Yours faithfully 


Gideon du Plessis 

General Secretary: Solidarity 



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