Born: 02/04/71 Cape Town, RSA

Education: B.Sc. Occupational Therapy (UWC)

Specialist training: Practitioner @ NBI

Antoinette Petersen is an Occupational Therapist with work experience spanning more than 20

years. She is also a classically trained pianist and a singer, performing as singer and/or piano

accompanist with various choirs, groups and as a soloist since her childhood.

She gained her experience working as a clinical therapist in the psychiatric field and became a

specialist in Vocational (Work) Rehabilitation with special interest in Community/Primary Health

Care, focusing on intellectually impaired individuals, adolescents, school-leavers and young

adults affected by mental illness or dysfunction.

Antoinette is considered to be an Assessment Specialist who in recent years (since 2009)

started A. L. A. Petersen sole proprietorship as a Consultancy.

Her consultancy is a valuable Referral resource for her colleagues in the medical field, whom

she assists in her capacity as the objective “Outside Eye”, as well as being able to produce

Evaluations and Recommendations (to be reviewed, considered and/or implemented at their

discretion) efficiently and economically.

She became a founder member of African Djembe Entertainments cc with her husband, Danny,

and more recently launched her Lifestyle Consultancy, Tonic Solva (Pty) Ltd.

African Djembe Entertainments cc

Co-Founder (2003 to present)

As a musician, and founder member of the company since its inception in 2003, Antoinette has

always advocated the powerful influence of music on the human body, with its resultant positive

effect physiologically, mentally and spiritually. She endorses the idea of using the concept of

Music as a Tool.

She found her niche in the company as Director of Operations, over-seeing the co-ordination of

events, liaising with established/prospective clients as to their entertainment requirements,

drafting quotes and invoices, finalizing confirmations and deploying logistics.

African Djembe programmes are synonymous with Skills Training, Youth Development and

Team-building. In recent years the company has added Educational Development, Motivational

Sessions and Money Management Workshops to its repertoire.

Daniel Petersen III Foundation

Co-Founder (2008 - Present)

Founder member of the foundation who’s legacy member is Daniel Petersen III, musical

prodigy, President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award recipient (July 2017) and current

youngest university student (and soon to be graduate) in South Africa since the age of 11

years. Daniel is an internationally endorsed drummer since the age of 4 years and is currently

the youngest internationally endorsed drummer for DW DRUMS on the continent.

The foundation uplifts, motivates and equips thousands of young people, nationally and

internationally, with life skills, study opportunities and musical and/or school equipment.

A.L.A. Petersen T.A. African Djembe

Sole Proprietor (2009 - Present)

Entrepreneur in the services sector with primary focus on

• community development,

• youth life skills development,

• corporate & non-corporate staff development,

• musical entertainment,

• creativity and personal development (all ages),

• lifestyle coaching,

• leadership,

• spiritual counseling.

Toniq Solva (Pty) Ltd

Owner/Director (June 2015 – Present)

Our ethos at Toniq Solva is:

Find your passion, know your brain’s preference, develop your innate creativity to its full

potential, have the edge in all spheres of your life.

As a Vocational and Lifestyle consultancy we provide:

- Career pathing; study direction; skills profiling;

- Life-skills and soft skills training;

- Substance dependence and abuse programmes (preventative; promotative; rehabilitative);

- Pre-discharge and past-offenders programmes (promotative; rehabilitative);

- Balanced Day-Programme and Goal-setting.

The consultancy is a Personal and Creative Development specialist:

NBI(R) Practitioner - brain profiling practitioner – in the following areas

 Teacher training – classroom management, whole brain lesson presentation

 Individuals – personal development and empowerment

 Organisations/Corporate – organisational wellness, teambuilding, personal development

and empowerment.




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